Spirited Away

Ranae Rose

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I thought I knew what to expect going into this book. I have read several works by Ranae Rose both for review purposes and just for enjoyment personally. I know that her books are always good for spine-tingling sex and sexy heroes. This book transcended everything I thought I was getting and knocked my socks off! It had the makings of a perfect fantasy: a sweet hero and heroine, an almost gothic setting (the haunted O'Brien manse) mixed with the fantasy world that surrounds them, and just enough tension to make the story interesting. The descriptions were downright poetic, and I felt that when it comes to prose, this was Ranae Rose at her best. I also appreciated that she allowed the romance to blossom slowly. The passion was there, but it unfolded slowly, allowing for a build of delicious sexual tension. Everything seemed to happen when there were flowers around, so Aaron and Caitlin seemed forever surrounded by fragrant blossoms and sweet perfume. *sigh* So very romantic. This book allowed love to conquer, as all good romances do. Love transcended everything that tried to separate Aaron and Caitlin...including death. I found the ending to be just enough to satisfy me, and kind of even left things open for me to interpret what might have happened next in Caitlin and Aaron's happily ever after. After reading this book, I can only hope to read more like this from Ranae Rose. While she writes in several subgenres, this really seems to be her niche!

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