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This was my first read by JJJ (I finally popped my cherry) and man am I kicking myself for taking so long! lol I really enjoyed this book. There was mystery, hot guys, intrigue, hot guys, smoking sex, and I don't think I've mentioned yet hot guys that are MARINES!!! Man that alone was enough to make me wanna read it. Then once I started I could not put it down. The length was perfect, it fit the story very well and I didn't feel like it was too long or too short. We even get an epilogue (I love getting to have a peak at the future with those). The heat between Mag and Emily was so strong I was slightly concerned that my Kindle Fire was actually going to catch fire-hey it's a valid concern you know the kinds of stuff I read!!! I really enjoyed watching their relationship grow and was pleasantly surprised that I did not immediately know who the bad guy was-I had an idea but it wasn't blatantly obvious like some books I've read. And to add to the excitement this is a series!!! There will be more hot Marines that get naked to read about!!! Can I get a Hell Yeah?!

  Review by Miz Love Loves Books

There is tension, growing love, and the “Who the heck IS this guy?” scenario throughout. A highly enjoyable romance that lets you know there are more in the series due to the well-displayed sub characters. This makes me want to read the nex

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