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Isabelle Drake - Contemporary Romance Cafe

I suppose I have two sides to my personality–the light-hearted and the serious. Which side do I depend on to write? The serious. The work side of the writing doesn’t look glamorous or sound exciting but I know to make readers happy I need to be committed to delivering a realistic yet satisfying read. 

Isabelle Drake - Cara Sutra feature

Sex toy features, naughty diaries, sincere Q&A, fetish event coverage and everything else having to do with sex — Cara Sutra is awesome and I’m thrilled to be here.

Writing erotic romance and erotica is the best but it’s not what I’ve always written. I got my start writing confession stories for magazines like True Confessions and True Love. While my stories gradually got hotter and edgier, I still do tend to write stories about everyday people in extraordinary situations. Pushing my characters out of their usual lives is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

Isabelle Drake - Female First feature

The worst job ever? A terrible boss? We’ve all had one or the other. Lucky me, I’ve had both and at the same time. It sure didn’t feel lucky at the time. It was darn awful. The luck came later.

A while ago, I had a temporary job at a call center. The work was okay, just making calls and reading a script. The problem was that whenever I had a question I was told to look in the training manual. So I did that and I did whatever the training manual told me to do or say.

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Hayley, the main character in my latest novel, Unfinished Business, has abandoned her country lifestyle and moved to Detroit, Michigan. She’s glad to be away from the things of her childhood–tractors, parades filled with goats and small town politicians, and neighbors who think high school football games are the best place to be on a Friday night.

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Do you have a favourite kind of hero you love to write?

I like heroes who challenge the heroine to be stronger and more powerful than she believes possible. He sees strength and determination in her that she doesn’t realize she has. He pushes her. I typically write men who are gentle but demanding, patient and willing to wait for what needs to happen but also eager to get what they want.

Isabelle Drake - Coffee Time Romance feature

Can men and women be friends? Just friends? It’s the eternal question that sparks controversy and confusion. I asked around and got pretty much every answer imaginable. The people who said yes were mostly women and most agreed that its possible to be friends with an ex. 

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