In the News: Highlands at Dawn

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Aliyah Burke - Blog Tour Stop with Lisabet Sarai

I was asked what advice I would give to aspiring authors. To me this is a hard question because I am still seeking advice from authors who’ve been doing this for much longer than I have.

Aliyah Burke - Female First feature

I write novels that cross a variety of genres and sub-genres where the heroines are strong women with jobs sometimes people don’t associate with women. They are strong and don’t need a man but they are with the hero because they want to be.

Aliyah Burke - Author Spotlight for Highlands at Dawn

What can readers expect from Highlands at Dawn?

I hope an adventure. As always, that’s what I try to take my readers on. We find out more about the second Guardian who finds his mate and what it takes to get her on board with the craziness he’s explaining to her. There’s laughter and sorrow in this tale.

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