In the News: Dream Neighbour

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Francesca St. Claire

Why does every woman need a bit of erotic fiction in their lives?

I’d say primarily to try meeting unmet needs.

I believe no matter how sexually fulfilled one is there’s always room for improvement, and to me no literature does the job better than erotic fiction!

Because it encompasses so many sub-genres—historical, science fiction, westerns, etc.—there’s no problem finding the right setting to play out one’s fantasies. You can be rolling in the hay with a gorgeous cowboy one day, lifting your skirt for a nineteenth century duke the next, or even take a trip through time and space and have hot sex with an extra-terrestrial.  

Ultimately, I think women should read erotic fiction because it’s fun. Everyday life is filled with series issues, a few hours relief is a good thing in my book.


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