Alien Embrace

By Tracy St. John

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Book Description
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An Earth woman is claimed by an alien clan of three men, bringing their two worlds to the brink of war.

Amelia Ryan fled Earth’s fanatically religious government to live quietly among the aliens of Plasius. Her life of peace shatters when a three-man clan from the planet Kalquor kidnaps her and holds her prisoner.

With their people poised on the verge of extinction, the Kalquorians are determined to have Amelia for their mate. Amelia is equally determined to escape. But when her body thrills to the ruthless domination of her captors, she finds herself surrendering to desires she never imagined possible.

Reader Advisory: This book contains light BDSM situations. This book also contains cenes of abduction including one with physical assault, multiple instances of dubious consent, scene of medical abuse, references to torture, semi-graphic flashbacks to rape/sexual abuse. This story also includes a scene of MM sex and a rape scene.

Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Totally Bound Publishing.

General Release Date: 30th August 2016

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Book Information
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Heat Rating: Burning  
Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78651-061-7
Sexometer: 3  
Word Count: 87,690
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 244

About the author
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Tracy St. John

Tracy St. John lives in coastal Georgia with her husband and son. You’ll often find her haunting train museums with her locomotive-loving son. Besides writing, she has also worked in video production both in front of and behind the camera. She’s usually cast as the gun-toting bad gal, getting handcuffed in the end. She has no complaints.

You can take a look at Tracy's Blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Reviews (2)
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  Reviewed by Literary Nymphs

I really enjoyed reading this book as the author created an interesting world. 

The author has a way of describing things that will take you right into the story and got my blood pres...

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  Reviewed by Archaeolibrian

This is Science Fiction Erotica and I got lost in their world. Whether it was the debauchery of Plasius, or the virility of the Kalquorian males, it just ticked the boxes. There is enough length for y...

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