Bondage Seduction

By Tori Carson

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Master Ted tries to keep it purely sexual. He says he doesn’t want a relationship, but Meri has other plans…

Even in a room full of friends, Ted often feels alone. As the black sheep of the family, he’s never measured up to the expectations of others so he’s stopped trying. Expecting to and okay with spending the rest of his life alone, he’s thrown himself into his business. He spends his days managing the sex toy division of DiscipliNation and his evenings in the kink club.

Meri is a home-grown girl and plans to stay that way. While she tries to please those around her, she refuses to be pressured into anything she doesn’t want to do. After an ego-devastating divorce, she discovers a passion for BDSM. She’s ready to start again.

Although fireworks erupt at their very first meeting, Ted knows better than to give his heart to an overachiever like Meri. He valiantly tries to keep his distance, but her allure goes deeper than a purely sexual attraction. Meri ignites his passion and yet, in her company he experiences a peace he’s never enjoyed before.

Ted sets Meri’s panties on fire until he orders her to stop wearing them. Meri falls hard and fast for the tall, dark Dom. He tells her up front that a relationship isn’t part of his plans, but Meri has her own agenda. 

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of wax-play.

General Release Date: 13th June 2014

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-047-0
Word Count: 45,107
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 117

About the author
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Tori Carson

Tori lives in the beautiful Sonoran Desert with her loving husband of almost thirty years. She wakes up each morning to the howls of coyotes and the barking of her family dogs wanting to join the fray.

When Tori isn't writing, she's either spending time with her two, wonderful adult children, or creating stained glass art.

She likes her love stories scorching hot. She tries to infuse a fire and passion between her characters that rivals the blazing summer sun that Arizona is known for. Tori encourages you to bask in the heat between the covers of a Dominant/submissive, happily-ever-after, bondage romance.

Reviews (2)
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  Reviewed by Kay Redd

I've read all the books in the series thus far, and this is my favorite. Meri is smart and playful, with a genuine personality that made me fall in love with her right away. Ted's protective, hard exterior...

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  Reviewed by BTSe Magazine

Bondage Seduction is a realistic look at the emotional side to a BDSM relationship with all the hot sex you'd want.

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Tori Carson - Cara Sutra feature

When I started writing Bondage Anniversary, I never dreamed it would be my breakthrough piece. It began as a naughty tale meant for my husband’s eyes only. He had been away on a business trip and I spent many lonely hours working on the story. Once I emailed it to him, he told me, “This is it, baby. This is the one.” Turns out he was right.

Now, I have five books published and two more, including the opening book of a new series, coming out in March.

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Tori Carson — Three Things for USA Today


Three of my favorite TV and movie couples:


• Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward. In Pretty Woman, both characters were struggling to find their way. Edward was highly successful, yet unfulfilled. Vivian was a misguided girl who was attracted to the wrong type of man. Together, they learned a new way to live. He taught her to believe in herself and she showed him there was more to life than making money.


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