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Kait Gamble - USA today feature

Joyce: Welcome to HEA, Kait! Please tell us a bit about your new release, Fuel to the Fire.

Kait: Fuel to the Fire is a reunion story set in beautiful St Lucia. Jackie and Logan never forgot each other even after the disastrous ending of their relationship years before. When they meet again they can’t keep their hands off each other despite the bad blood between them. But what happens when the truth about their past comes to light?

Kait Gamble - BTSe Mag feature

I love trying out new things, whether it involves travelling to a new place, trying out new food or drink, or a new activity—I’m usually up for it all. Well, all except the biggest and fastest rollercoasters. There are just too many things about them that put me off, but I digress.

Kait Gamble - Totally Bound Guest Author post

I wasn’t your typical little girl growing up. Instead of playing with dolls and having imaginary tea parties, I was a bit more rough-and-tumble and spent most of my time up in trees, covered in grass stains and bruises from my latest adventure. 

Kait Gamble - USA Today feature

Three books on my keeper shelves:

I have so many books that I can't bear to part with, but the three that I reread more than the rest are:

Public Secrets by Nora Roberts. It was the book that introduced me to La Nora and romantic suspense.

Kait Gamble - Exclusive Author feature

What can we expect from Breaking Rossi’s Rules?

As a story set in the Totally Five Star world readers can expect a luxurious escape in the form of sun, sand, exotic cars, glittering gems, dazzling couture, a good dose of Monegasque glamour and a lot of sizzling sex.

Kait Gamble - Romancing the Book feature

Jen:  How do you remember ideas that come to you at odd times?
Kait:  If I have nothing to write them down with I repeat it over and over in my head until I remember. As you can imagine it doesn’t always work considering I’m being pulled in a million directions at once. I’ve lost so many ideas over the years. Friends of mine are used to hearing ‘I had the BEST idea! But I lost it…’ I almost always have my phone handy now to take notes.

Kait Gamble - ARe Cafe interview

Some romances take on the “friends to lovers” trope, but GRIND starts with your couple as lovers. What inspired the story?

I guess the story would be a step beyond the ‘friends to lovers’. Cara and Jason are long-time friends and lovers for nearly as long. I wondered how their story would go if where one put a kink in the works and wanted to take things further while the other had a slight phobia for commitment. 

Kait Gamble - Female First feature

Hi, I'm Kait and I'm a planner. And a list maker. And I might have a few control issues.

I used to be much worse, I swear.

I will admit, over the years, I've strayed a little from some of my lists and a few plans have gone slightly awry, but I've managed to complete quite a few of the major goals (although new ones always seem to crop up). With the addition of a husband and the chaos only a child can bring, how could I stay dead on course? I had to learn to adapt.

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