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Cassandra Hawke - Author Spotlight

This story is set in Australia, do you enjoy setting stories in places that you know and love? 

I do enjoy setting my stories in places I know and love. I could do a lot of research but I really like it when I can visualize the place, recall the sights, scents, sounds or even the feel of the wind on my face. Plus it gives me satisfaction to be able to share the landscape with the readers, but the unique lifestyle and characters that make Australians who they are.

Cassandra Hawke - ARe Cafe post

It is often said that every little girl wants pony and while I know that isn’t entirely true many do dream from a young age of having a horse.

Cassandra Hawke - On building a strong Author brand

It was exciting to secure a contract for my debut novel, Demolition of the Heart with Totally Bound in 2014, but I quickly realized ‘getting published’ was one small step to becoming a successful ‘author’.

I needed readers.

Cassandra Hawke - Female First Post

Cassandra Hawke discusses Demolition of the Heart

When people ask me what I write I often get a funny reaction when I say erotic romance. Some don’t approve of the erotic part, while others don’t think romance is a form of writing to be taken seriously, not like Tim Winton, Bryce Courtney or Colleen MacCullogh’s beautifully crafted tomes. But I believe it is a privilege to spin a tale of romance achieved against all odds because we all have, as human beings, the desire to find that one person to love and who will love us back, a soul mate to share the journey through life with.

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