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Kelly Ethan - USA Today feature

Joyce: What TV show interferes with your writing schedule?

Kelly: I’m a HUGE Whovian, so Doctor Who completely sidelines my writing. Everything stops for the Doctor and woe betide anyone who talks through my show.

Kelly Ethan - BTSe Mag feature

Writing is a solitary job. Some of us have critique and writers groups and author cocktail hour (or is that only me?). But the actual sit your bum down on chair; fingers flying over keyboard and quality word count, can only be done by…me.

Kelly Ethan - Female First feature

Miss Predictable is a paranormal romance novella set in the current time period in Las Vegas in America.

The short premise is Greek Gods have settled in Las Vegas, the city that never stops partying. But when you have powerful Gods and supernatural creatures living amongst human’s life gets complicated. And that’s the story of my heroine, Cassandra Troy. She’s just looking for her runaway fortune-telling mother. She never expected to deal with vengeful Gods, Demi-Gods, powers, strange accidents and the God, Hermes, possible love of her life.

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