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Jorja Lovett - Female First Post

So you think you can write?

I've heard from countless people who've toyed with the idea of writing a book but is it as easy as you think? Like everything, there are pros and cons along the road to publication.

Jorja Lovett - BTSe Mag Post

In Love with Romance

Romance is one of the biggest selling genres in the book world and it’s no wonder, when it covers such a wide spectrum. These days we have everything from sweet, chaste relationships to explicit ménage. Each to their own, I say, but I do prefer books on the steamier side – both to read, and to write. Although, I still need the romance, that connection between the characters, to fully appreciate the hot sex when they finally get it on!

Jorja Lovett - 3 things for USA today

My three favorite screen couples:

David Addison and Maddie Hayes. I think Moonlighting nurtured my love for using banter as foreplay in my books. I love me a wise-cracking hero who meets his match in the feisty female lead.

Jorja Lovett - ARe Magazine

Jonah Hamilton was a fun character to wrangle onto paper. He’s young and hot, with no responsibilities, and very liberating for both me and my main character Maggie Fenton! His devil-may-care attitude means when he sees something he wants, he goes for it. That includes the glamorous lady on the cosmetics counter at Kelsey’s department store. She’s older, and married, but that doesn’t stop him from chasing her. Maggie’s flattered by the attention but even Jonah doesn’t anticipate her passionate response to his advances.

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