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McKenna Jeffries - Beyond Black and White feature

When I sit down to write, race usually isn’t a factor in my story. The story and the characters are prominent in my mind. It’s about the love between two people and race has no place in that. For me, it’s about the complexities of two people finding each other and then realizing that they want so much more. That their personalities, needs, and desires may align with each other. To others it may seem they are in no way a match, but they see in each other the other part of their whole.

McKenna Jeffries - ARe Magazine

Family Dynamics

Family is such an intricate relationship. There are families by birth as well as those by choice. I’ve written many books on both. With my mind once again turned to families—more specifically the dynamics of them. Here is a definition of family and my own.

McKenna Jeffries & Aliyah Burke - Interview for Pure Harmony

Why are two heads better than on in erotic fiction?

AB: See…there are sooo many things I could say here. *wicked grin* Seriously, I would refer back to the previous question and how you’re working with another, getting their take on how they imagine/picture a scene. It’s a whole new experience.

MJ: The path that is taken in a story changes as we write together. The path one author takes is different than another and using the combined ideas of two is good…

McKenna Jeffries & Aliyah Burke - Interview for Risky Pleasures

The stories keep filling your head until you wrote down, so do you formulate the whole idea in your head first and then write it down or do you have another process?


Aliyah — Oh, I’m a pantzer all the way. I have an idea but how I get to the end is all a mystery. There is but one sure thing when I start any story. It will have a Happily Ever After. I said before I’m a sap and I want to believe in HEA. We read romance to get away from the grind of our daily lives and I want to make sure mine end with a happy note.

McKenna — My process is I let the characters take me on their journey so I don't formulate the whole idea. When I sit down to write I have a kernel of an idea of how to start and possibly how it may end but not anything set since the characters tend to do as they want too. I've learned to let the

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