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Destiny Moon - Female First feature

It's almost inevitable that the grocery store is where you'll run into the guy who got away. It's Murphy's Law: your guard is down, you're in yoga pants, maybe humming a song to yourself while you're looking at cake mixes.


Destiny Moon - Cara Sutra feature

Thanks for having me on Cara Sutra today and for asking me to tell your readers more about who I am. Why don’t I launch into it with how I got into erotic romance?

Destiny Moon - Exclusive Author feature

Why did you choose to set this story during a Pride event? 

I find Pride to be such a delightful, over-the-top time in most cities. It’s full of partiers and people being loud and fabulous. 

Destiny Moon - BTSe Mag feature

According to sexologist Esther Perel (author of Mating in Captivity), there is a paradox that occurs in long-term relationships. The longer two people are involved in a committed relationship, the more their intimacy grows and the more the sex dwindles. In effect, the more you know someone, the harder it becomes to ask them to do dirty, dirty things to you and to desire to do sordid things to them.

Destiny Moon - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite TV couples, past or present:

• Maggie O'Connell and Dr. Joel Fleischman,Northern Exposure. This odd '90s drama is worth seeking out for many reasons besides romance, but the central dynamic between Maggie and Joel is fantastic. 

Destiny Moon - Author Spotlight

Did you enjoy starting this attraction in the office?

Office romances are fun to write because they’re so bad in real life. I have made the mistake of falling for someone at work myself, so I understand the torture that poor Monique feels at the start of the story.

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