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S.A. Meade - Rainbow Awards Runner-up 2014

S.A. Meade’s Tournament of Shadows is the runner-up in the Best Gay Historical Romance category.

S.A. Meade - MM Romance Goodreads Reader's Choice Awards Nominee 2014

Tournament of Shadows has been nominated for Best Historical.

S.A. Meade - Guys Like Romance Too feature

Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. It always gave me a bit of a kick to walk into the local supermarket and see the special shelves set up, all laden with everything a person could need for Thanksgiving Dinner. It meant that the long, dreadful Arizona summer was over and that the good weather was on the way—the cool, sunny days and the wonderfully chilly nights. The locals would be digging out their sweaters while the Snowbirds—winter residents from chillier parts of the US, would be wandering aimlessly down the aisles, trying to get the measure of an unfamiliar store. 

S.A. Meade - Rainbow Awards Finalist

Tournament of Shadows is a finalist in the Gay Historical Romance category at this year's Rainbow Awards.

S.A. Meade - Three Things for USA Today

I traveled a lot in my younger days and was lucky enough to visit some incredible places, and there are several that I'd happily revisit. My top three would be:

• Hunza Valley, Pakistan. The Hunza Valley is in the Karakorum Mountains. When I was there, the apricots had been gathered and everywhere I went, there were huge, round platters of them drying in the sun — adding vibrant splashes of color to the landscape. The tour I was on followed the Karakorum Highway, which has to be one of the most scenic journeys in the world, although it can be more than a little hair-raising, especially when two lorries are hurtling side-by-side toward the tour bus.

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