J.M. Powers

J.M. Powers grew up with a book tucked under her arm. On rare occasions when she wasn't reading, she invented stories for her younger siblings. She never outgrew her love of books, and now creates witty, feisty and unconventional characters of her own. New worlds swirl from J.M.'s mind with such intensity, she ends up following her characters around, jotting down whatever they may do or say.

This author eagerly plunges into the world of writing, and more often than not, J.M. Powers answers with a glassy stare when family asks if dinner is ready. Her alter-ego, Jeannie, wakes up, and embraces life with her family on a tiny island in Upstate New York. Despite the craziness between reality and the world of writing, life falls together...despite the fact J.M. keeps popping in with medieval story plots while Jeannie is trying to cook dinner.

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It’s an epic, medieval tale of love, hardship and knightly duties.

The dialogue is fast and fun and flows extremely well as do character interaction. The castles, the countryside and...

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