Dahlia DeWinters

Dahlia DeWinters is a writer of sensual multicultural romances. The New Jersey native is a secret fan of 80's music, grooves to classic rock and digs post­grunge and alternative metal. The motto, 'Do what you love and love what you do', is posted above her desk in her cluttered but peaceful office. Most importantly, she is truly and madly in love with her partner of more than a decade, who indulges her fetish for makeup, geek gadgets and happily ever afters.

You can check out Dahlia's website and blog, and you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and tumblr.

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Reviews (2)

Whew! What a quick and yummy book! I love cougar-type books and this is such a fun romp! I was rooting for Celeste and Dakota because their attraction over-ruled their heads. The age gap could...

This book was like a beautiful summer breeze, sweeping you up in its refreshing warmth as you sip a cold one and say "aahh." It's no surprise to any reader that Dakota and Celeste will end up in...

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